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Garden Care

Take Care!

Choose our gardening essentials to cultivate your garden, including plant care, lawn care, pest control and much more.


If you have a moment spare, take a quick look at our garden care tips below. Our garden care products are below.

Top garden care tips for the immaculate garden

1. Don’t forget the little touches

Sometimes it’s the little touches that can make the biggest of differences. So be sure to pick up those leaves, wash down the patio and get on top of any unsightly algae formations; products to undertake all of these tasks can be found in the garden cleaner section.

2. Consider plumping for plant care

If you’ve honed your green fingered sills over a number of years you may wonder why you’d need plant or lawn care; however, far from presenting an alternative to the attentive care that you’ve provided your garden with, this selection of products should instead be seen as a nutritional helping hand that compliments your work.

3. Getting those weeds and pests under control

Our weeds and pest control section provides everything that you could ever need in what could otherwise seem to be a constant battle against garden nasties and when you’re facing specific threats, such as lawn disease, fungus or fruit and vegetable disease.

However, more than the usual we go much further to ensure that if you’re facing pesky animals that are disturbing your plants, lawn or generally leaving a trail of destruction, we have a solution (and a humane one at that). So from pepper dust to dog repellent spray and from fence guards to sill toppers, we’ve got you covered.

Top garden care tips for the perfect lawn

1. Have a seasonal plan

Be sure, first and foremost, to have a seasonal plan, this should ensure that you undertake lawn feeding, regular mowing, winter care and pre summer season maintenance at the very least.

2. Tackle yellow spots as soon as they appear

If you find that yellow patches appear do your best to tackle them as soon as you can, perhaps trying to mow more freely and at a higher setting.

3. Aerate your lawn

Aerating a lawn is where you piece the soil with small holes to ensure that air and moisture can move freely within the lawn. Our lawn aerator shoes are perfect for undertaking this task without even realising it!

4. Don’t forget to water your lawn!

All too many people can completely forget to water their lawn, however this really is an essential task; so heavily soak your lawn once or twice a week to ensure that it stays well hydrated.

5. Use a fertiliser

Far from cheating, using a fertiliser to feed your lawn should instead be seen as somewhat of an essential task in achieving the perfect lawn. You should, however, always read the instructions at length before using any given product (any deviation from these can result in over feeding; additionally high nitrogen based feeds should only be applied during the Spring/Summer, whereas high potash feed should be used in the preparation for winter).

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