Lemax model villages are hugely popular in the run-up to Christmas with all sorts of houses to choose from, including snowy village scenes, model Santa Claus houses and festive funfair rides.

Many of these light up, make sounds and animate in different ways, to make your Lemax Christmas village feel alive – but there are some great finishing touches you can add too.

You can see our full range of Lemax Model Villages in-store at Bents or on our website, where we’ve worked hard to add even more products than ever for online orders.

Here are just a few of our favourite Lemax figures and accessories for miniature Christmas villages so you can breathe new life into your table centrepiece or sideboard scene.

1. Vehicles for your village

If you have created a street scene using Lemax Christmas houses, model vehicles are a great way to add some extra realism to it.

The range includes vintage vehicles like ‘First Car in Town’ and more modern ones such as Winter Vacation.

But there’s also all sorts of boats, carts and wagons, street food vendors and Santa sleighs too – whatever you want to give your village that feeling of movement.

2. Lights and signs

Lemax model village accessories include all sorts of mini fixtures and fittings for your village, helping to create life in miniature. Telephone boxes, post boxes, water fountains, benches and streetlights are just a few.

It’s especially worth adding some Lemax street lamps, as many of them really do light up, which can make your village look extra pretty in the evenings as you turn the lights down low in your home.

You’ll find Lemax streetlights listed under ‘Accessories’ in the Bents online Christmas shop, along with the Lemax AC Adaptor if you’d prefer to run your miniature street lamps from the mains supply instead of by battery.

3. Trees and plants

Some extra planting can make your village feel more ‘complete’ and homely, and you might find you end up giving each model house its own little garden.

Miniature Christmas trees are spot-on for the seasonal theme and make an excellent backdrop for a sideboard scene, to really bring out the feeling of depth and the sense that your village is nestled in a snowy winter landscape somewhere in the countryside.

Lemax trees come in singles, sets of 2-4, or even a 21-piece pack of assorted Lemax pine trees, which is a great and affordable way to start your festive forest surrounding your village.

4. Wildlife and nature

Lemax animal figurines can bring a sense of nature and wildlife to your scene, especially if you’ve got a woodland or an area with more trees, shrubs and plants.

Choose from a wide range of household pets, working animals, farmyard friends, ducks and geese, and place them in appropriate locations around your display for added realism.

5. Don’t forget the villagers!

Don’t forget to add some people to your village. Many Lemax model houses and vehicles include human figures too, but it’s good to have some extras to fill in the gaps.

You might find that over time, you know your villagers by name, give them their own homes, and end up with a favourite character who takes centre stage each Christmas.