Moving water is a great way to bring some life and sound into a garden, and with a range of unusual water features to choose from, it doesn’t have to be a traditional fountain.

Solar water features are a particularly quick and easy way to get up and running without any outdoor electrical installation required.

Just fill their water tank, charge them via their included solar panel, and you’re ready to go.

Some of our water features are standalone, while others come with optional external pump and water reservoir, so if you’re replacing an old water feature and don’t need those, just use the options on the order page and choose ‘no’ and the price will adjust accordingly.

Here are a selection of our solar water features and mains electric water features to give you a great choice and some much-needed water fun for your outdoor area.

Stone water features

Stone water features are a contemporary option and offer some really modern and unusual designs that you might not imagine are possible.

ZEN Balance is one contemporary water feature that really makes a statement. Its ankh-shaped plinth ejects water from the circular top section for something completely different from the norm.

A Cascading Pyramid Kit recreates the effect of a traditional stone cairn, but with water bubbling out of the top and cascading down the sides into a hidden collection pool at the bottom.

The Eclipse Sun Fountain features a pair of half-sun plinths each with its own bubbling fountain on top, with optional pump and water reservoir kit if you need them.

And we have a range of drilled sphere water features where the water is pumped through a small hole in the top and finds its own route down the sides of the sphere back into the reservoir – a fashionable option that helps your water feature double as a reflecting sphere for thoughtful moments.

Garden wishing well

A garden wishing well is a good choice if you have kids, as they’ll love the chance to make a wish on the gently trickling water.

Our Smart Garden Wishing Well can be set up in seconds. It’s solar powered, so it can be positioned anywhere in your garden, with no need for an outdoor mains electricity supply.

At 51cm high, it’s perfect for a cosy corner or hidden nook in between small or tall shrubs, where the sound of the water will attract your attention every time you walk by.

Where can I get water features near me?

Bents have a great selection of unusual water features with many available to view online and order for home delivery.

Take a look around our website and if you see a garden water feature you like, just add it to your basket and follow the instructions to complete your order for delivery.

We’ll take care of the rest – and although we’re based in Warrington near Manchester, we can arrange deliveries throughout the UK so wherever you are, you can add some instant water fun to your outdoor space.