At Bents we have water features in all shapes and sizes, from cascading stone water features to babbling bowl water features and novel cast resin fountain shapes.

When choosing the perfect sized water feature for your garden, there are several things to consider - and while we have some great small garden water features, size is not actually the only factor.

Here's our handy guide to choosing garden water features that really make the most of the space you have available.

Small garden water features

Our small garden water features are nice and compact, so you can still enjoy running water even if you have a relatively small outside area to work with.

They include many of our solar water features and solar fountains - these tend to be a little smaller to make the most of the solar power they store during the day, as well as being neatly self-enclosed in shape.

Other ideal small garden water features include tall cascades with a minimal footprint area, or alternatively you might prefer to install a bubbling water bowl in the centre of your garden space as a lively, eye-catching feature.

Solar fountains and solar water features

Of course, solar water features are not only for small gardens, and can be an ideal option in larger spaces too.

A solar fountain is an instant way to bring the sight and sound of running water to any corner of the garden or to the middle of a border or flowerbed - really anywhere you want.

With immediate installation, no specialist skills are required and no mains electrical wiring needed, just a sunny spot for the solar panels to be placed in, they're one of the most versatile options when it comes to garden water features of all sizes.

Contemporary water features

Some of our larger contemporary water features create the most innovative and intriguing centrepieces for gardens and outdoor spaces of all sizes, and especially in bigger gardens where you want to make a bold statement.

Resin water features range from the classic to the contemporary, including cubic water features and cascading waterfalls in geometric shapes, all cast with a softened pre-weathered effect to blend into your outdoor space.

Natural stone water features also have a place among some of the most contemporary water features - take for example the distinctive designs of Eastern Connections, which include scalloped sandstone spheres with bubbling fountains drilled through the centre.

Why height matters

Finally, it's not just the floor area footprint that matters, but also the height of your water feature - remember of course that a cascade or waterfall will tend to stay mostly within its own height, whereas a fountain will eject upwards and may also spread outwards.

For this reason, larger garden fountains can be more dramatic in a bigger space, while small garden water features tend to include those where the water is contained or falls within a clearly defined footprint, even if its starting point is quite high above ground.