Say hello to Elho pots

Elho pots and planters are a great way to bring a contemporary look to gardens, with a wide range of different colours and styles to choose from.

Traditional terracotta is always popular, and you can get Elho plant pots that combine this classic colour with modern performance materials for sturdy construction in winter weather.

But there are also Elho planters in almost every colour you can think of. Cherry is especially on-trend right now, bringing a rich and vibrant purple shade to your plant pots.

And if you’re in an urban area, take a look at Elho urban pots and planters. These hanging baskets, troughs and pot holders are ideal for patios and balconies to add some natural planting to an otherwise hard area.

No matter what outdoor space you have available, contemporary pots and planters can help you to incorporate some green foliage and splashes of colourful flowers into it.

Even at times of year when your pots are not in bloom, you can combine the bright colours of the planters themselves with some evergreen foliage or alpine plants to keep your garden looking great throughout the winter months.

Go big for Summer 2020

Finally, if you’ve always stuck to small individual pots and square planters, why not try something more ambitious for 2020?

A large trough planter can give you more space to work with, allowing you to introduce even more variety in the plants you use.

Choose evergreen shrubs if you want foliage that remains constant all year round, or opt for bulbs for flowers that grow back year after year.

Remember to fertilise your soil well when growing in a container, so that your plants and flowers always have the right supply of minerals to come through in full bloom.