A cosy patio gives you somewhere to enjoy the warmer dusky evenings of spring and the longer and hopefully sunny days of summer.

Here are five ways to choose garden furniture for patio areas and everything else you need to make an outdoor space feel surprisingly comfy and cosy.

1. Patio bistro sets

Patio bistro sets are an excellent way to get started, as they combine a patio table and garden chairs, usually for two people.

Metal bistro sets are a great low-maintenance option if you want to leave your patio furniture out in the rain – just give them a wipe down before you next use them.

But all modern outdoor furniture is designed for the elements, so you should only need to pack away any cushions if you’re expecting a downpour.

2. Social space

No matter who you’re spending this spring and summer with, many of us will want to socialise a lot more with friends and family in the years to come.

You can start preparing for that while giving yourself some comfy patio furniture to enjoy this season – a pair of recliners or a corner sofa patio set is a good starting point.

When you’re able to start welcoming guests, it’s easy to add to what you already have. We stock a wide range of Bramblecrest garden furniture and Hartman garden furniture now and in the future, as well as other contemporary patio furniture brands that should also make a good match when you need more outdoor seating for socialising.

3. Comfy chairs

It’s not all about your patio table – comfy chairs let you get outside and relax throughout the day, even if you’re not enjoying a meal, snack or cup of tea at the time.

Consider options like the Hartman Ellipse reclining companion set, a pair of recliners with foot stools and a handy side table, all of which looks great if you already have the Hartman Ellipse bistro set or anything similar, or on their own in a sunny spot.

Benches and chairs are not the only options either. We have a huge range of hanging cocoon chairs or ‘egg chairs’ including single and double seaters to help you create a cosy cuddle nook.

4. Keep it warm

Patio heaters let you stay outside later into the evening if a cool breeze is blowing, which can be a very pleasant way to pass the hours.

There are many ways to keep your patio warm and cosy. Fire pits, braziers and chimineas are all good options, as are slimline parasol heaters and tripod patio heaters.

If you’re creating a larger patio dining area, consider an impressive patio table with fire pit in the centre, which can give a contemporary sense of congregating around a campfire.

5. Keep it cool

As we move into the summer months, keeping cool will be as important as keeping warm, so make sure your patio has some shade.

Bramblecrest garden parasols are a great way to achieve this, with traditional and contemporary designs to suit any style of Bramblecrest garden furniture.

The innovative design of Bramblecrest parasols means on some models, the supporting pole is off to one side, allowing you unobstructed use of your patio table.