City centre and apartment living continues to grow in popularity with stylish complexes appearing in towns all over the country. By the nature of their design, apartments tend to be smaller than traditional family homes, but a limitation on space doesn’t have to mean a limitation on style. It just means clever thinking combined with space saving ideas; an approach which should also apply at Christmas time.

In smaller living spaces furniture is often positioned to maximise space, so thoughts of adding an artificial Christmas tree might fill apartment owners with concern! But this doesn’t have to be the case, especially with the fantastic range of space saving ideas we have available here at Bents; all of which will create a perfectly sized festive centrepiece.

Perfect for smaller spaces

Slim, pencil trees are just one of the options available. With a narrow diameter they can fit into smaller spaces and corners, but can be decorated with just as much effect as the larger varieties. The Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree reaches a height of 7.5ft so can have as much impact as the more traditional wider trees, but using a fraction of the space. Or our Lakeland Spruce Slim Tree, with its frosted branches providing the perfect natural backdrop for themes such as our Rural Retreat.

Pre-lit perfection

Easy to assemble, our slim pre-lit trees provide all the benefits of any artificial xmas tree. But if a full height tree isn’t for you or you simply don’t have the floor space, why not consider a smaller variety such as the 4.5ft Kingswood Fir Pencil tree, which could be positioned on top of an existing cabinet or table and decorated just as elaborately as a tree twice its size.

Create a showstopper

No matter what its size, just follow a few simple steps and your tree will be a showstopper. Keep colour simple and restrict your theme to two main colours with an accent colour such as silver and white with a touch of sage green in our Cool Yule theme. Be selective by using more of the same items rather than lots of different decorations and dare to be different by including some unusual decorations such as stags heads and snowy owls from our Rural Retreat theme.

Or if you’re still not convinced by the benefits of an artificial xmas tree in your apartment or flat then why not consider the our many other options such as our Warm White Cherry Blossom Tree or a pre-lit jewel tree, both simple but effective ways to add a touch of festive flair to any home this Christmas time. Why not check out our selection of artificial trees online or pop in store and speak to one of our colleagues who will be able to show you many more space saving ideas.