Here at Bents we’ve got a lot of Easter themed fun planned for the school holidays. One of our most long-standing and loved activities is our treasure hunt, which guides little ones throughout the Centre with the promise of a chocolate treat at the end.

Children not only love the treat, but they also enjoy the buzz of finding the clues, so why not create your own Easter themed treasure hunt at home and watch as the excitement builds? We’ve got lots of lovely bits and pieces in store which will help you create treasure hunts with a difference, from fluffy chicks and colourful eggs, to pretty little sign posts and baskets, perfect for collecting their treats.

But before you start, make sure you’ve got the basics…namely chocolate! Our Food Hall is fully stocked with a great range of chocolate eggs and bunnies that are ideal bounty for a treasure hunt.

  1. Character Challenge

Create a base and hide different Easter characters around the garden. When they have found a character they bring it back to the base and complete a challenge before being rewarded with chocolate and setting off to find their next character.

An Easter Bunny might require them to do bunny hops all around the garden, whilst a lamb might mean reciting a certain nursery rhyme featuring these woolly creatures. Chickens and daffodils are other signs of spring time which could feature in the treasure hunt.

  1. Colour Coded Hunt

We’ve got some great bags of colourful plastic eggs which will work perfectly for a colour coded Easter egg hunt. Hide all the eggs around the garden and give each child a different colour to find.  Once they have found all their plastic eggs they will be rewarded with those of the chocolate variety.

  1. Letter Scramble

Decide on where you want to hide your clues and then scramble up the letters in each location. The hunt may start off by the back door with the next clue to be found in the flowerbed. By the back door would be a container holding pieces of paper, each with a different letter which when put together spell the word ‘flowerbed’. Another container in the flowerbed might contain the letters to spell the word ‘shed’ and so on.

This is a great one for little ones to do together, using teamwork to help solve the clues. The hunt will eventually guide them to a final stash of chocolate prizes to be shared out amongst the participants.

Whilst chocolate is always a much loved prize, maybe consider an alternative such as one of our Easter craft goodie bags from C-Crafts, where there are lots of other lovely Easter themed crafting sets which would make great prizes.

So…the scene has been set. It’s time to let them explore and enjoy your very own Easter themed treasure hunt.