When it comes to knowing how to decorate your table for Christmas dinner, there are a few simple questions to ask yourself before heading down to our Christmas decorations sale for essential supplies.

Is your table round, oval-shaped, square or rectangular? Will you be using one table or will you push two together to make enough space? How many place settings do you need? Will anyone be sat at the ends of the table?

By picturing the size, shape and layout of your seating arrangement and place settings, you can decorate the table around your guests, without getting in anybody's way when it comes to time to eat.

Choose a Christmas table centrepiece

A good starting point is to choose a Christmas table centrepiece and work outwards from there. You have a few options here, including some items you can find in our Christmas decorations sale.

Lemax Christmas village houses work very well - you could use one of the larger buildings or a Christmas carousel ornament in the very centre of the table.

Alternatively, use several smaller Lemax Christmas houses to create a 'street' down the centre of a rectangular table, or dot them around with spaces in between for serving dishes.

If you prefer something featuring holly leaves, pine cones or other festive foliage, a Christmas garland can run the length of the table, either on top of or in place of a table runner cloth.

How to light the table for Christmas dinner

Many indoor Christmas lights can be used to light the table for Christmas dinner, especially now there are more LED varieties that will stay cool when switched on, and battery lights that won't need a wire stretching over to a mains power socket.

Consider a mini Christmas tree ornament as part of your centrepiece or alongside each individual place setting - again you can get these with LED or fibre optic lights built in, to brighten up your table decorations.

Small sets of Christmas tree lights can also be used to add some sparkle to your table - run them along the centre of the table alongside your Christmas garland, or pile them into a glass vase for an instant focal point and central column of light.

Decorating Christmas place settings

We've already mentioned some ideas for decorating Christmas place settings to make each person's space more special, but there are plenty more ornaments, mini Christmas trees and other festive figurines in our Christmas decorations sale.

Our sets of Christmas garland beads can weave in amongst the place settings or wrap around napkins and other items for some instant colour and metallic sparkle.

Be consistent in the colours you use and you can make sure each individual place at the table feels like part of the overall decoration and design scheme.

You could even instantly add a festive theme to the whole room by using an LED light projector to display snowfall or a similarly seasonal scene by beaming it on to an empty wall.