Jeannine, from our House Plants Department, shows you how to gift wrap a plant.

Here are the main points from our video:

1. Cut two squares of cellophane wrap from a roll. The best way, as shown in our video, is to fold a corner back on itself to create a triangle.

2. Put one square on top of the other, with the corners of the top piece crossing the long edges of the piece below. The cellophane wrap should look like a star.

3. Place your plant in the centre of the cellophane. Take a corner and pinch the cellophane together in a line from the edge to where the plant is sat. Staple the cellophane twice along this edge.

4. Repeat around the plant, until all the corners are pinched and stapled.

5. Finally, wrap a bow around the plant, to keep the cellophane in place.


The perfect gift wrapped plant for a special occasion.