For some Christmas is over as soon as the turkey curry has been served on Boxing Day, whilst others prefer to stick to tradition and see out the 12 days before taking down the decorations.  But for everyone there comes a point when it’s time to take down the tree and no matter when this happens, it always seems to leave a little bit of a hole.

But looking at the positives…there’s a new space, one which needs filling.  And instead of just moving back what was there before why not create a beautiful new environment with a houseplant?

A houseplant can be so much more than something used to fill a space.  Considered to be ‘Clean Air Machines’, they can also have a huge impact on our health, mood and concentration, helping to banish those January blues.

Continuously working, houseplants help filter out pollutants and release oxygen and moisture into the atmosphere, adding to the overall health benefits offered by mother-nature, helping to reduce stress and improve mental and physical health.

So why not consider one of the following options to add a touch of greenery to your new post-Christmas space and help improve the air quality of your indoor environment.



A carefree, upright plant which includes many species, some of which can grow up to 6ft tall.  Prefers moderate, indirect sunlight but can tolerate low light and low humidity.



Indoor palms are a great choice for any home.  Choose a location that benefits from natural light but avoid direct sunlight through a window.


Cheese Plant  

A very easy-to-care-for plant with lush, green foliage, the cheese plant can grow to quite a tall size so perfect for a conservatory or larger room.



Known for it’s tough, sword shaped leaves the yukka provides the perfect focal point to any room and enjoys a sunny to partly shaded position.



The benefits house plants bring are extensive, especially when grouped together, with three or more plants in each room helping to significantly improve air quality.  Whether you want to freshen up your environment after Christmas or just want to enjoy the beauty of an exotic bloom, indoor plants are the perfect way to liven up your living space.

At this time of year we have a particularly extensive range of quality foliage plants to help seamlessly link your outdoor and indoor living spaces, as well as expert advice on how to care for the plants in your life.  Just ask any of our house plant colleagues for further advice and recommendations for how to enhance your indoor environment.