Give your backyard some extra TLC with our easy lawn care guide

Whether you want a velvety carpet to flank your flowerbeds, a soft surface for a child’s play area, or simply some grass for sunbathing in summer, a lush lawn ticks all the boxes. And it’s easy to achieve, if you give your lawn a little tender loving care each spring. Try these simple projects over the next few weeks to keep yours in peak condition.


Spring trim

As soon as temperatures top 5 degrees in early spring, your grass will start growing, and it’s time to get the mower out. If you are mowing for the first time after a winter break, adjust the blades to their highest setting and then gradually reduce the height with subsequent mowings, as cutting grass too short at first can weaken it. A regular trim will keep your lawn looking its best.


Fill the gaps

If bald patches have appeared in your lawn, repair them by digging over the soil with a hand fork to break up any compaction. Rake it to create a smooth surface and scatter Miracle Gro Patch Magic evenly on top and water until dark brown. Deter birds from eating the seeds by attaching small strips of foil to a few lengths of string, and tie them to sticks inserted on either side of the sown area.

Feed and weed

Apply a spring lawn fertiliser, such as Evergreen Complete which will give the grass a dose of essential nutrients to keep it looking good until autumn. Either feed your lawn just before rain is forecast, or water it in. Evergreen complete also contains a lawn herbicide, which kills dandelions, white clover, moss and other weeds. Two weeks after treating your lawn with this, use a rake to remove the dead weeds and debris that have built up between the grass blades.

Look sharp

Tidying up your lawn to create a crisp edge will give it an instant lift. Redefine the shape with a half-moon cutter if it has become ragged, and clip stray leaves after trimming with edging shears. Also consider plastic or steel lawn edging for a razor-sharp outline.