Pots and planters are an easy way to add to your growing space, whether on patios and decking, balconies or window sills.

If you’re looking to do more with the space you have – whether you want to grow flowers, small shrubs, or even try your hand at raising some edible salad vegetables – here are five places where pots and planters can help you to get started.

1. Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are a classic – and with good reason. Their extra height allows you to grow trailing plants to create a cascade of foliage and flowers.

We have a good selection of bowl-shaped and conical hanging baskets to suit different styles of garden, complete with hanging chains and liners where appropriate.

For a particularly pretty option, choose the Tom Chambers Spanish Hanging Basket, a heavy-duty long-lasting basket with a decorative finial and thick protective coating.

2. Elho door stop planter

Elho planters are contemporary and innovative, and the Elho door stop planter is no exception.

It’s an Elho pot on wheels but with a twist, in the form of a notch cut into the side that can slide on to the edge of an open door.

The Elho door stop planter is easy to wheel on and off of the door but once in place, it acts as an anchor to stop the door slamming shut in the breeze.

3. Elho Corsica Flower Bridge Table

The Elho Corsica Flower Bridge Table is good for low fences and balcony railings, as it securely clips over the top of the rail or fence panel using the included clips.

Once in place, the Elho Corsica trough gives you planting space similar to a window box, allowing you to add some pretty flowers or other foliage to your view.

It’s contemporary and compact, so it won’t take too much attention to tend to whatever you decide to grow – perfect if you’re just getting started at growing your own plants in Elho pots.

4. Wall baskets

As an alternative to hanging baskets, wall baskets fit directly to any flat wall surface, which you might prefer to a free-hanging basket especially in smaller spaces.

Elho wall baskets again offer contemporary style, with more of a trough-like shape that maximises your growing space for the best visual impact.

If you don’t fancy installing brackets to support hanging baskets, wall baskets are a hugely versatile alternative that give you just as much, if not more space for growing your favourite plants and flowers.

5. Elho table planter

The Elho table planter is an elevated Elho grow house that can help vegetables and salad crops to thrive faster and more fully when starting from seeds.

Choose from several sizes of Elho planter table to suit your outdoor space. Each one comes with a UV-resistant hood to keep pests off, with a valve to regulate temperature and air supply to your plants.

It’s a smart design and because it’s raised from the ground, the Elho table planter makes an ideal option for getting kids into growing their own fresh salad vegetables and small fruits, or an ergonomic planter for anyone with difficulty crouching or kneeling to ground level.