As we move through spring and summer, your garden is the best place to get some much-needed fresh air and sunshine – so why not Grow Your Own?

We have some very compact growing frames that can make the most of even a small area, while also allowing you to grow some extra fruit and vegetables on a patio or decking.

Our GroZone range of propagators includes:

  • Compact GroZone and larger GroZone Max multi-shelf growing frames.
  • Tomato GroZone with extra vertical space for tall tomato plants.
  • The extra-large Pro-Tunnel GroZone Max for greenhouse-style growing.

These are available now and as the days get longer, brighter and warmer, there’s never been a better time to start to Grow Your Own.

Why grow tomatoes?

Tomatoes are a popular beginner’s fruit and veg to grow at home. They grow quite easily and once they start to bear fruit, each plant normally yields a good number.

You can eat tomatoes fresh, use them as an ingredient in cooking, make your own pasta sauce or even juice them to make a fresh and nutritious drink.

Tomato GroZone is compact and low-cost, giving you an immediate place to put your tomato plants to help them produce the biggest and best tomatoes possible.

Each Tomato GroZone can hold several plants, allowing you to grow as many tomatoes as possible to feed everyone in your household with some fresh and delicious home-grown produce from your own backyard.

Top tips to Grow Your Own

We all try to avoid food waste, but some is inevitable – for example, the vegetable peelings you create when cooking from scratch, which are not always edible.

Bents have a good range of composters which again, can stand above ground even on hard surfaces, so you don’t need to have a big garden with grass or flowerbeds to start composting.

Just start putting your vegetable waste in your composter, along with any other organic waste like grass clippings, fallen leaves and dead plants, and you’ll be on your way to making your own fertiliser at home.

Composting is a rewarding hobby and helps to reduce the level of waste you throw away – so why not start today so you get the full benefit of turning your food scraps into fertiliser.

Say hello to Plant Halos

If you’re not confident about growing fruit and veg at home, you might want to start with a set of Plant Halos, which make it easier to water your plants and support them as they grow.

They come as a set of three and each one features an inner pot for planting, an outer ‘moat’ where you can add water that goes directly to the plant’s root structure, and three anchor holes for bamboo canes the plant can grow up.

It’s a great way to make watering easier, support your plants – including tomatoes and others like peppers and beans – and keep the whole plant contained, to make the best use of your space in growing frames like Tomato GroZone mentioned above.