Put up a bird box and make your garden a home

At Bents we are big believers in feeding the birds and encouraging as much wildlife as possible to make our gardens their home. With this in mind, and with National Nest Box Week just around the corner (14th – 21st February), we thought it was an ideal time to talk bird houses.


Encourage breeding

Studies indicate that natural nesting sites are disappearing, with nooks and crannies in old houses being demolished or repaired. But they also show that bird houses and nest boxes definitely help to increase bird numbers and also encourage breeding – so in our opinion there’s really no argument against them.

There’s no need to provide nesting material, just a good solid nest box for a bird to make their home. The more homes we can create for our garden birds the more we can contribute to the conservation of British wildlife. And what could be more satisfying than observing and monitoring a new family in the garden?


A few top tips

  • The RSPB recommends boxes face between the North and the East
  • Keep your feathered friends fit and healthy with high energy peanuts
  • Make sure you choose a feeder specifically designed for the seeds or nuts you use
  • Suet balls are tasty treats for wild birds, providing extra energy and nutrition
  • Look out for our bird seed with added fruit which will help attract a wider variety of birds


Here at Bents we’ve got a huge selection of wildlife products both online and in store. Not just bird boxes and feeding stations, but also habitats and food for hedgehogs who we think would also love to make a home in your garden.