Take inspiration from one local customer, Naomi, who made the decision in lockdown 1.0 to start growing her own, and now enjoys home-grown vegetables all year round from plot to plate!

Her story is inspiring and uplifting, so take a look here and see if you can transform your back garden too!

Where it all began in her own words . . .

At the beginning of lockdown in March 2020, I found I finally had the opportunity to have a go at growing my own vegetables, it began with growing vegetables in containers such as courgette, spinach and lettuce which I grew from seed. This then progressed to purchasing a Grow-Bag, a tomato plant and a pepper plant from my local garden centre.

Later on in the year I persuaded my husband to construct some raised beds for me at the bottom of my garden.


What’s growing currently . . .

We now have a range of vegetables growing all-year round for us to choose from. Last year we enjoyed a whole host of freshly grown vegetables from the garden patch, including rhubarb, courgettes, lettuces, peas and even sprouts for our Christmas Dinner!

Currently growing are a winter variety of peas, garlic and rocket, all of  which I planted in autumn 2020, plus the first green shouts of onions – red and white variety, are beginning to grow too!



I am extremely pleased with how much fresh produce I am managing to grow in my own back garden, and I cannot believe how easy and fun it has been for me and my family waiting and watching our own food grow.

Fancy giving it a go this year? We’ve got everything you need to start Growing your Own online at bents.co.uk