He’s making his list.  Checking it twice.  And to be honest…we think he’s already worked out who’s naughty and nice!  And it’s not just Santa who’s writing his list.  There are lists being compiled in households all over the country…by him, by her, by the pet and – probably most importantly…by the little ones.


Once again, the range of toys and gifts in our Children’s Boutique is huge, so we’ve asked our team to choose their Top Ten toys for Christmas 2017.  It was a tricky task due to the choices available, but it was one which they thoroughly enjoyed…and we’re pretty sure it will help tick off some of those items on the list.



Little Live Bizzy Bubs Crawling Poppy, £14.99


Not only can little Poppy crawl she can also talk and make adorable sounds just like a real baby.  With a big personality Poppy loves to wriggle and giggle and explore her new world, but just like any baby she gets tired and restless.  She comes with her own pacifier to use when she’s sleepy and a bottle to feed her when she’s hungry.  Batteries included.


Age 5 years and over



Laser X, £49.99 (as featured on ITV’s This Morning)

Fans of laser quest can create their very own adventures at home with the Laser X Double Pack.  This fantastic set comes complete with two laser pistols and tags ready for some target practice.  Players wear receivers on their chest which can register up to 60m away with pinpoint accuracy.  Includes voice coach guidance, full colour lighting, stereo sound and music.  3 x AAA batteries required.


Age 6 years and over



Hatchimals Surprise, £64.99


Hatchimals are back and this time they’re double the fun!  Hidden inside a magical speckled egg are adorable twins who are ready to be hatched and have some fun.  With their own personalities they will interact with each other, learn, play and even bicker…just like any other siblings.  Look out for their rainbow eyes and you’ll know they’re ready to hatch.  Batteries included.


Age 5 years and over



Soundmoovz, £49.99 (another one tested and loved by Holly & Phil!)


One for the music lovers out there.  SoundMoovz bring movement to life, creating a beat by dancing, rather than dancing to the beat!  Throw a shape to activate the bandz and a signal will be sent to the Soundmoovz app, with zero delay between movement and sound.  The app comes with 400 pre-set sounds, making it ever so easy to create your own beats and rhythms.  Compatible with leading smartphones/devices.  Batteries included.


Age 6 years and over



Build a Bear, Rainbow Edition, £32.99


The brilliant Build-a-Bear experience in your very own home.  Children will love this new Build a Bear workshop which they can use to stuff and fluff two of their very own furry friends.  They can make a wish in the hearts before dressing their new creations in stylish outfits and peronalising them with the perfect name and birth certificate.


Age 4 years and over



Vac Man, £29.99

Last year it was Stretch Armstrong, this year it’s Vac Man.  Stretch’s arch enemy is back and is as posable as ever.  Use the vac to pump air out of him and set him into any pose you put him in.  Release the valve and he will return to his normal size.  His retro design will bring back memories for all the family and is sure to prove popular with young and old.


Age 5 years and over



Teletubbies Talking Soft Toys, £9.99

All the way from the idyllic Teletubbies Land these adorable soft toys will help ease the little ones off to sleep.  Super soft, with authentic speech and sound effects, just press their tummies to hear them talk.   We’ve got the full gang to choose from, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po, so you can pick the perfect companion. Batteries included.


Age 18 months and over



Peppa Pig Family Home Playset, £39.99

They say laugher is contagious.  It certainly is when Peppa is around!  Listen to the little ones giggle as they make their own adventures with Peppa in her home.  Comes complete with furniture, accessories and an articulated Peppa who is ready to have lots of fun.  Scaled for play with other figures, vehicles and playsets.


Age 3 years and over

Harry Potter, Trivial Pursuit, £12.99

How about holding your own Triwizard Trivia Tournment?  One for all the Harry Potter fans out there, this handy edition of Trivial Pursuit focusses on all things magic with topics including The Dark Arts, Hogwarts, Magical Spells & Potions, Magical Objects, Magical People and Animals & Magical Creatures. It requires no board and can be carried around in its bitesize wedge case, perfect to play anywhere.


Age 5 years and older



Air Hogs Thunder Trax, £74.99

Adventure is definitely on the cards with the Air Hogs Thunder Trax.  And there’s no terrain to stop it!  The Thunder Trax’s thick tread can tackle grass, gravel, mud and even snow for all season adventures.  And with just the touch of a button it transforms from into boat, taking you anywhere.  This fantastic all-terrain vehicle has 2.4ghz communications for precise long-range control. 3 AA batteries required.


Age 8 years and over



These are just a few of the choices available in our Children’s Boutique but we hope they give you a taster as to what else you might find online and instore.  Don’t forget our late night opening hours, choice of dining destinations and extensive free car park so why not visit us soon to discover more.