Concerns about health and the environment might be at an all-time high, but there is one proven way to lighten the mood and relax the mind, and the solution lies no further than the back garden. The role plants play in helping to increase immunity is by supporting and strengthening your body’s natural immune system.

Gardeners who grow their own, especially herbs, have a wealth of immune system boosting techniques hidden within their herbs. Tasty culinary herbs such as thyme, chiles, oregano and garlic can help your body naturally battle illness and fight of infections. And certain herbs can also support your immune system on a long-term basis, so carry on chomping away on those freshly grow herbs.

If you haven’t taken to the art of growing your own, we have an extensive range which is perfect for getting you started with planting immune boosting herbs. And they are probably among the easiest plants to grow, almost to the point where they grow themselves. Plant your herb garden outdoors in the garden, in a greenhouse or in a window box and enjoy the scent of basil, sage, oregano, mint, parsley, thyme, rosemary, chives, marjoram and coriander every time you walk by – but best of all is their use as ingredients and garnishes on your favourite dishes. It’s all good for the body and the soul.

Keeping a garden in good shape inevitably keeps you in good shape. Over the course of a year you’re putting yourself through a proper work-out with the high energy tasks of digging, shovelling, hoeing, raking and building. There’s also plenty of stretching exercise to be done as you reach up to prune and kneel down to weed as well as all the walking you do whilst going about your gardening. Yes, it all adds up, and is probably why avid gardeners are among the most fit and supple of their generations.

Regular exercise and managing your stress are also essential aspects of a strong immune system and physiological health.