Spring is most definitely in the air and as Simon Bax, our Horticultural Specialist, said in a recent article in the Warrington Guardian, it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy your garden. What better way to start than by creating some pots of colour that will last throughout the summer months? To help you get underway we’ve asked our Seasonal Plant Manager to provide some top tips for garden recipes…

A sensational summer container

A sensational seasonal container can be put together now to last throughout the summer months and it couldn’t be easier to achieve…

Take a container of your choice and place broken polystyrene pieces in the bottom to help with drainage (a couple of inches deep). Fill with multipurpose compost leaving an inch below the rim.

Choose a zonal geranium and plant in the centre of the container. Next take 8 trailing plants and place one in each corner and the gaps in between. A combination of 2 x bacopa, 2 x surfinia, 2 x million bells and 2 x verbena would look beautiful together.

Any remaining gaps can be filled with a selection of bedding begonias. Water your container and place in a position to be enjoyed!

A heavenly hanging basket

A hanging basket can include a riot of summer colour or can focus on a particular colour theme depending on what you want to create for your garden.

Choose a 14 inch basket and fill with multi-purpose compost, remembering to ensure there are sufficient drainage holes. Again, place a zonal geranium in the centre of the basket and a combination of 8 trailing plants around the edge.

The choice of summer planting is huge and includes bacopa, trailing surfinia, nepeta, million bells, ivy leaf geraniums, lysimachia and helilichrysum. There is something to suit everybody. Simply choose 8 plants from our extensive range and place them evenly around the edges; 8 of the same plant or a combination of different varieties. The choice is yours.

A handsome herb garden

Containers and hanging baskets aren’t just limited to flowers; they also make a great home for a herb garden. Choose any container or basket and fill with multi purpose compost. Next choose a selection of herbs and plant away. A combination of parsley, sage, rosemary, mint and chives would make a great starting point as they are well known and popular cooking herbs. Water, watch them grow and enjoy using freshly grown herbs in your very own recipes.