Crataegus laevigata `Rosea Flore Pleno' 15L

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Crataegus laevigata `Rosea Flore Pleno'

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Crataegus laevigata `Rosea Flore Pleno' An old variety of our native Hawthorn with double mid - pink flowers that is as robust and easy to please as the species.It will grow in heavy and clay soils and can be trimmed easily to contain it or shape it. The Hawthorn trees can be treated like a hedge on a stick if you have a specific area to fill - perhaps above a fence line - giving you privacy without stealing too much space or light. Small. RHS AGM. Available for Click & Collect Only.
  • Height: 20ft (6.1m)
  • Growing Conditions: Sun or partial shade in a fertile moist and humus rich soil.
Planting: Dig a hole about twice the size of the pot the tree is in and incorporate organic material - we recommend Blended Farmyard Manure or Rose, Tree and Shrub Compost. If planting in the Autumn and Winter use a mug full of Bonemeal mixed in too- this will give the roots a good start. Remove the tree from the pot and place in the hole so that the top of the rootball is at soil level, back fill with a mixture of garden soil and the organic material. Firm well with your foot. It is important for trees to have firm roots so they can get established properly and in the majority of gardens (unless it is very sheltered) the tree will need staking. Choose a short stake of about 1-1.2m and hammer it in to the ground at an angle of approximately 45 degrees avoiding the rootball. If you have prevailing winds affecting the tree knock the stake in on the opposite side so that it braces the tree against them. You will need to hammer the stake in to about half its length. Alternatively you can hammer a taller stake (about 2m long) in parallel to the trunk but this will put a hole in the rootball and is less effective at bracing the tree but would do an adequate job in an area with little wind. The first method is what we would recommend in the majority of cases but, where there is insufficient room for this, the second method could be adopted. Water the tree well after staking. Aftercare: Feed in early spring (usually March) with a general balanced feed such as Growmore, Fish, Blood and Bone or Vitax Q4 alternatively use slow release pellets or granules. Water these feeds in well if it is dry and do not allow them to touch the leaves or stem of the tree. All these products will feed the tree for the coming season - if the soil structure is poor it would be worthwhile putting a thin layer of organic material (approx. 5cm deep) over the root system (but not so it touches the trunk) in order to improve the soil and help retain moisture. The most important thing is to ensure that the tree is adequately watered for its first season after planting. This means making sure that the rootball is wet all the way through when you plant it and then following this up with regular soaks through the spring and summer. The secret of good watering is a thorough soak and then leave it - the tree (in average conditions) will probably need checking every week. Remember in the spring when the tree leafs up that its water requirement will suddenly go up because the surface area through which water is transpiring will increase dramatically - this is often the most critical time. Pruning: All the trees that we sell can be pruned either to improve structure or to restrict their size if they are threatening to exceed the space you have available. For deciduous trees (those that lose their leaves) the best time to do it is probably when they are dormant (leafless), evergreen trees such as Photinia or Quercus ilex can be pruned during the growing season to shape. Please see the plants individual descriptions for any exceptions. Pruning can take the form of removal of crossing, dead or unwanted branches or you can prune to improve density much as you would a hedge. Many trees respond well to this kind of trimming eg Carpinus, Crataegus, Fagus, Photinia and Quercus - this often makes them very useful as a screen. Please note: All plants listed are stocked by Bents at various periods throughout the year, however, due to seasonality and variations in weather and growing conditions some lines may be unavailable. We advise contacting the store prior to your visit to check on availability.

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