Eranthis hyemalis 'Winter Aconite'

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Beautiful Spring Bulb flowering really early in the year to bring cheer to any garden border or container

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Eranthis (winter aconite) is a genus of eight species of flowering plants in the buttercup family Ranunculaceaenative to southern Europe and east across Asia to Japan. The common name comes from the early flowering time and the resemblance of the leaves to those of the related genus Aconitum, the true aconite. Like the notoriously toxic Aconitum (and, indeed, many other genera of the Ranunculaceae) Eranthis is poisonous, although its chemistry is different, the toxic compounds present being mainly cardiac glycosides of the bufadienolide group similar to those found in Adonis vernalis, rather than the extraordinarily virulent alkaloids of Aconitum.

Species in this genus are spring ephemerals, growing on forest floors and using the sunshine available below the canopy of deciduous trees before the leaves come out; the leaves die off when the shade from tree canopies becomes dense, or, in dry areas, when summer drought reduces water availability.

They are popular ornamental plants grown for their winter or early spring flowering. E. hyemalis is widely naturalised in northern Europe and North America.

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