Learn how to use plants and gardening to help physical and mental wellbeing, wildlife and the environment!

Liz Hutson will be joining us to hold a talk which will cover the many ways plants and gardening can help our health, plus practical ways you can do this, regardless of individual circumstances.
Concerns about our health and the environment are at an all-time high and we can feel overwhelmed and powerless. This talk will show you how you can take simple steps to help both and why it is so important to do so.

Keen gardener and nutritional therapist Liz will discuss:

• Why plants and gardening are a key part of the lifestyle of some of the longest living people on the planet
• Benefits to mental and physical health – including several you may not know about
• What plants have the highest nutritional content and how to maximise this when buying or growing these
• Practical tips if you are short on time, space, money or expertise
• Using plants to benefit wildlife and help mitigate climate change
• How plants improve indoor quality and why this is so vital
• What to do if you don’t have a garden


Date: Monday 16th March

Time: 6pm – 8.30pm