'Flower Power' PATIO ROSE 4L

5 year guarantee

Rosa 'Flower Power' has very prolifically produced fragrant peachy salmon blooms held above healthy green foliage. 

Absolutely ideal for pots and containers on the patio or doorstep

Great for the bees

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'Flower Power' has very prolifically produced fragrant peachy salmon blooms held above healthy green foliage.

  • Height: 45cm
  • Spread: 45cm
  • Growing Conditions: Full sun or partial shade and fertile, humus-rich, moist, well-drained soil
  • Scented: Fragrant
  • 5 Year Guarantee


Dig to about a spades depth and mix in organic material - we recommend Westland Rose Planting and potting Mix. If planting in the Autumn and Winter use a mug full of Bonemeal mixed in too. Remove the rose from the pot and plant so that the top of the root ball (and the union) are at or slightly below soil level. Firm well with your foot. Water thoroughly. Roses don't like being planted where roses have grown before - it is known as Replant Sickness. If you have no choice but to plant where roses have been, change some of the soil for fresh Top Soil and use Rootgrow in the planting hole - this product contains beneficial mychorrhizal fungi which enable the plant to develop a robust root system.


We use Uncle Tom’s Rose Tonic, a natural product containing pure potassium phosphite. When you apply Uncle Tom’s Tonic you are providing your plants with a natural, organic stimulant making them more disease resistant, healthy roses.

Water your rose until it is well established - often the first Spring after planting is most crucial. Water thoroughly as roses are deep rooted and then leave them - little and often is not so effective.


Repeat flowering bush and shrub Roses are best pruned in the early Spring (February/March) - remove dead, diseased, damaged or crossing growth and then prune the remainder back by a half to two thirds. They can also be pruned lightly in the Autumn if desired. If possible prune to an outward facing bud.

Please note: All plant listed are stocked by Bents at various periods throughout the year, however, due to seasonality and variations in weather and growing conditions some lines may be unavailable. We advise contacting the store prior to your visit to check on availability.

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