Small Kadai Firebowl Kit - 60cm

Small Kadai Firebowl Kit With High and Low Stand
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Small Kadai Firebowl Kit With High and Low Stand Original Kadais are up to 100 years old, 'Recycled Kadais' are a copy of the Original Kadai, made from recycled steel oil drums by the same caste of skilled craftsmen in Rajasthan as the originals. These beautiful and functional barbecue fire bowls are handmade from recycled oil drums by family workshops in India. Hand cut metal plates are riveted in the traditional way for strength and durability and feature the same drop handles as the Original Kadais. Using your Kadai Firebowl on a Low Stand is the ideal height for sitting and relaxing around the fire with friends. Up to 6 people Dimensions: - 60cm Dia - 15.8 Kg - 20cm H (Low Stand Only) - 52cm H (High Stand Only) Included: - Recycled Kadai Firebowl - Low Stand - High Stand - Main Grill - Tongs and Wire Brush. We recommend using approximately 10cm of sharp sand in the bottom of your bowl to help with drainage and extend the life of your Kadai Firebowl.

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