As was highlighted in ITV’s recent programme there continues to be an industry aim to reduce the amount of peat used in horticulture and gardening.  We are committed to helping achieve this aim and wherever possible continue to source peat free or peat reduced products from our suppliers, and our horticulture experts are always on hand to discuss the benefits of alternative growing material.

We also encourage the use of soil improvers such as organic fertilizer, chicken poultry manure, home compost bins and, most recently we have introduced our free coffee granule station which we keep filled with all used coffee from our dining destinations.  Here customers can help themselves to bags of the granules which, when mixed with soil is not only a great mulch for plants but can also help keep slugs and snails at bay.

Our Green Footprints outline other areas where, as a business we demonstrate our commitment to the environment and sustainability, including our longstanding self-reliant water recycling programme – our 3.5m gallon lake which was built in the 1970s and where all run off water from around the centre is collected and reused on our nurseries and plant area. We can assure customers that all of our bags are biodegradable and our plant pots fully recyclable and for those who do not benefit from a council recycling collection we provide a drop off point where pots can be returned here at Bents.

Further information about how the industry as a whole is tackling the issues highlighted in the programme can be found here.