Westland Safe Lawn - 80m²

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Westland Safe Lawn - 80m
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Westland Safe Lawn - 80m² A thick, healthy lawn makes the best play space for children and pets. It cushions against bumps and falls and feels great underfoot. But all this bouncing, playing, tumbling and rolling means a lot of contact with the grass, which can be a worry if you use traditional chemical lawn treatments. You could corner the area off, but as any parent or pet owner will know, this is easier said than done! All this can cause households not to bother with lawncare at all, which is a shame as busy lawns are often tired, patchy and in desperate need of a bit of TLC… that’s where next generation products really come into their own. An organic lawn fertiliser is gentle and made from 100% natural ingredients, just the thing to keep kids, cats, dogs and rabbits safe. These natural products are easy to use, won’t stain and you don’t need to keep little feet and paws off the grass after application. They nourish the soil and grass from root to tip, giving your family a thicker, stronger, healthier lawn, that’s ready for whatever you throw at it! Instructions - Shake the pack to mix the contents - Scatter granules evenly over the whole lawn every 3-4 weeks while the grass is growing (February to September). - An 80sqm box should be enough to cover a lawn of the same size (that’s about the size of 8 standard car parking spaces!) - Apply after mowing (remove the lawn clippings first!) - Water thoroughly after application, using a hosepipe, sprinkler or watering can. Westland SafeLawn is an organic product. It may have a ‘natural’ odour when you open the pack, this is because it’s made from natural ingredients! This product is safe for children and pets, however, it’s good practice to wash hands and skin after use and store all garden products out of reach in a dry, frost-free place.

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