Parsley Herb

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Parsley Herb

Parsley is grown as an annual for its flavoursome leaves that are used as a garnish or chopped into sauces, butters, dressings and stuffings. It is an essential ingredient of many dishes, including salsa verde and tabouleh. Although curly leaved parsley looks great as a garnish and has textured tactile leaves, flat-leaved parsley has a stronger taste and is more useful, and easier to prepare, in the kitchen.

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Parsley Herb

Parsley Herb

  • Type: Mild / Herb Variety 
  • Edible Period: 8 Weeks
  • Growing Conditions:Keep plants well watered, especially during hot, dry spells in summer.


Sow outdoors from early spring to the start of summer in well-drained soil in sun or partial shade. Sow seeds in shallow, 1cm ½in) deep trenches. Cover the trench and water. A seedling is a young plant grown from seed. Seedlings to 15cm (6in) apart with 15cm (6in) between rows. Seed compost should be a free draining compost formulated for germinating seed. Leave in a cool spot to germinate and make sure the compost doesn’t dry out. Germination can take up to six to eight weeks, then when they are large enough to handle, thin out seedlings, leaving about 2cm (¾in) between plants. Keep plants well watered, especially during hot, dry spells in summer. Give plants a boost by feeding every few weeks with a balanced liquid fertiliser. Remove flowerheads to extend the cropping life of the plants. Prevent plants from becoming unsightly and encourage new growth, by snipping off any lower shoots that start to turn yellow.

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