A jacuzzi hot tub is a great addition to any garden, big or small, and there are only a few things you need to know about installing a jacuzzi in your garden.

Here are the main steps to installing a garden jacuzzi and the things to consider at each stage along the way.

1. Where will it go?

Positioning a jacuzzi hot tub is not as difficult as you might imagine. For example, it can be filled with a hose pipe – it does not need to be plumbed into the mains – so it can be located a long way from the main buildings on your property.

In fact the position of your jacuzzi might be influenced more by aesthetic factors, such as:

  • Existing mature plants and landscaping in your garden.
  • Privacy from any areas overlooked by neighbours.
  • Your own view out over any surrounding countryside.

Privacy can be enhanced later by building a shelter, which can prevent neighbours seeing you from upstairs windows, while planting, trellis, fences and partial walls can screen it off from the sides.

2. Prepare the plot

You’ll need to prepare the ground to make sure your jacuzzi hot tub is stable for the long term, similar to the base you would put down when building a greenhouse.

There are a number of options for this:

  • Concrete (fast and easy)
  • Gravel (offers better drainage)
  • Paving (can integrate into a patio)
  • Hot Tub Pad (easy portable solution)

Decking is also an option if you prefer wood in your garden, although it may need extra reinforcement to be suitable to support the weight of a hot tub filled with water.

3. Mains electricity supply

Your garden jacuzzi tub will need a mains electricity supply, typically a 32 Amp supply protected by a Residual Current Device or RCD.

The switch should be a safe distance from the hot tub – no wet hands should come into contact with it – and everything should be well tested prior to delivery of the jacuzzi.

4. Installation

If everything is in place and safety tested, installation should be the easiest stage for you, as your hot tub will usually be delivered into its final position all ready to be plugged in and filled up.

Getting started is as easy as following the setup instructions in the manual – and once it is filled up, switched on and up to temperature, it’s ready for your first relaxing dip.

5. Care and maintenance

There are a few ongoing care and maintenance tasks to bear in mind, such as making sure the filtration system is in good working order, adding suitable cleaning chemicals to the water and periodically cleaning the interior surfaces of the tub.

By keeping on top of these from the start, you can ensure your garden jacuzzi is a tip top tub all year round, so you can enjoy the long summer evenings and a hot dip on a cold winter’s day all in safety, comfort and privacy.