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What is My Offers?

My Offers is an exclusive feature of the app for be inspired privilege club members. Where you will find monthly member only offers, which can be purchased in-store or online

How do I purchase My Offers?

Able to purchase in-store or online with presentation of a valid be inspired card

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What are My Rewards?

My rewards is an exclusive feature of the be inspired app for be inspired privilege club members. By having the app you will receive regular rewards via the app in the My Rewards section

How do I use My Rewards?

As a be inspired privilege club member these offers are personalised just for you. To redeem the reward you will need to present the voucher and your be inspired card at the till point

Do I need to print out the rewards?

No. All you need to do is present the reward via the app, at the till

How do I know when they expire?

Every offer has an expiry date, To make sure you don’t miss out you need to redeem offers before this date

What if I miss an offer?

Unfortunately, once an offer has expired, it is no longer available

Can I forward offers just for me to friends and family?

These offers are just for you, but why not tell your friends and family to sign up to be inspired and download our app so they can start to receive their own personalised offers?

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How do I join be inspired?

You can join our be inspired privilege club in-store or online at

What is the be inspired privilege club?

be inspired is the start of something special: we appreciate that you choose to visit us so we have created something extra special for our valued customers with exclusive privileges and benefits just because you’re a Bents customer.

How do I amend my details?

You can amend your details in the be inspired section of the app, the be inspired team will then update your details

How do I order a new card?

You can order a new card online, under the be inspired section

I’d like to close my be inspired account, how do I do this?

We’re sorry to see you go – if you please email with your membership number, email and postal address, requesting you account to be closed and we will deactivate your account

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What are notifications?

Notifications help your Bents shopping experience be personalised and convenient by keeping you up to date with rewards, offers, events and latest news.

How do I opt in or out of notifications?

If you would like to change your notifications preferences you will need to go to your phone settings and select the Bents app

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How do I remove the app?

Uninstall the app from your device.

How do I update the app?

We will release updates of the Bents app, you will be notified if an update is available through your App Store or Play Store.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with the Bents app?

We’re here to help so please ring 01942266300 or email if you have any problems with the app

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